UAB “Baltijos polistirenas” was established in April 2002. The company mainly specializes in the production of polyester foam for construction. We offer the market eight types of products with straight or milled edges, having various densities and different thermal isolation characteristics. In January 2006, a new workshop was established for the production of polyester foam packing. In this workshop, polyester packing for home goods (refrigerators, television sets etc) and foodstuff products are produced. Slabs for the installation of heated flooring and for foundation heating are also produced. Other types of formed products are produced there according to the orders of the customers.

UAB “Baltijos polistirenas” constantly strives to provide its customers with high-grade production at an acceptable price, taking into consideration the different needs of its customers. The company has a right to use “EC” certificates of conformity and the “C” mark on its products, proving that our production can be used in other countries of the European Union as well. The high quality is confirmed by the certificates, proving that our products correspond to the LST EN 13163 standards of the countries of the European Union. Since 2004, the quality management systems (EN ISO 9001:2000) and environmental protection management (EN ISO 14001:2004) have been implemented in the company.

When UAB “Baltijos polistirenas” started its production of polyester foam, there were 32 people working for the company. In the meantime the amount of the workers has increased to 80 people. In the future the company expects a similar trend in expansion, related to the increase of the annually sold production and the occurrence of new types of products.