The collection and recycling of polystyrene foam cut-offs for reuse is the next step in our sustainable business path. This methodology ensures that the leftovers of our products return to the life cycle of EPS, do not pollute nature while allowing us to save resources, reduce energy consumption.

What could be simpler than recycling air? All it has to do is come back to us.

Polystyrene foam used in households and the construction industry may sound like a material that has nothing to do with ecology or nature conservation. However, it is quite the opposite – polystyrene foam is a 100% recyclable product. Therefore, EPS is not only an efficient and economical product but also an ecological choice.
In order to reduce the access of polystyrene foam into the sites of unsorted construction waste, we have purchased a special polystyrene foam compactor that allows collected EPS cut-offs from construction sites to be compressed, recycled and reused. This is a very important step towards integrating EPS products into the circular economy.
If you have unnecessary polystyrene foam waste – we can take it from you for FREE!


WE DO NOT Collect

With residues of glue, plaster, dirt or mounting foam

Packed in the big bags or garbage bags

Mixed with other construction waste

Mixed white and gray EPS

Soaking wet