Polystyrene foam packaging is widely used to store and pack various household, electronic appliances, food products, souvenirs, other goods. Polystyrene foam performs such functions perfectly, even a small amount of the foam effectively absorbs the impact energy, protects against vibrations and shocks and immobilizes the product in the outer package. This material is reliable, durable, very light (98% of the EPS volume is air), has excellent thermal insulation properties. Polystyrene foam is inert and chemically resistant.
The polystyrene foam packaging division can offer not only formed packaging goods but also molded products made of polystyrene foam for various uses – bassinets for prams and strollers, bicycle helmets, thermal insulation boxes, recuperator duct elements, etc. Molded EPS products have very precise dimensions, smooth surfaces and impeccable quality.
Inquireies for molded packaging materials are reviewed by Viktorija while for cut packanging materials by Vaclovas or Jonas.